003 – VoIP + A Real Life Case Study

Voice over IP (VoIP to its mates) is the process of passing voice calls over data networks such as the internet, instead of over traditional telephone lines. This has the potential to bring cutting edge features, flexibility and cost savings, but there are some potential traps for the unwary. Join us as we dig into a real life case study to learn what works, and what doesn’t.

This week in the Podcast:

01:32 – Microsoft announces Windows 10.
03:14 – NBN rollout: 140 new suburbs mapped for fast broadband.
05:19 – What is “VoIP”?
06:19 – Is Skype considered VoIP?
08:31 – Advantages of using VoIP for your business.
09:33 – Disadvantages of using VoIP.
10:17 – A real life case study on VoIP.

Resources for this episode:

Announcing Windows 10
NBN Rollout

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