006 – Laptops, Ultrabooks and The New Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Laptops, Ultrabooks, and all sorts of hybrid devices. When you need a portable computer, there are options available to suit pretty much any situation, but the problem can be understanding the difference, and deciding which is best for you. In this episode, we discuss the differences, and what type of device is most appropriate for different situations. We also have a chat about the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the portable laptop/tablet thing that’s getting all of the attention right now.

This week in the Podcast:

00:45 – Microsoft teams up with Dropbox.
02:27 – Microsoft Surface Pro 3
03:43 – Categories of portable computers.
04:56 – Ultrabooks
06:14 – Features of Surface Pro 3: “The tablet that can replace your laptop.”
11:00 – Lenovo Yoga
11:40 – Specs and price of Surface Pro 3.
13:00 – Tips on choosing a laptop.
16:30 – A case study on portable computers.

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