007 – Business Continuity Planning and Why Your Business Won’t Survive Without It

Mention “Business Continuity Planning” at a party and everyone will go quiet and excuse themselves to get another drink. BCP is not sexy, we get it. The thing is though, your business needs SOME level of planning in place to ensure it will survive a major (or even minor) disruption or disaster, and getting started is a whole lot easier than you might think. Join us as we discuss what BCP is NOT, and some easy ways to get started with your BCP today.

This week in the Podcast:

00:45 – VMware vCloud Air coming to Australia
03:34 – Business Continuity Planning
04:48 – What is BCP?
07:34 – What is not BCP?
08:26 – Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
09:25 – The boundaries and the realm that the BCP exists in.
12:15 – Ways to get started with BCP.
21:00 – Real world application examples of BCP

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