009 – Viruses, Malware and other stuff to not talk about at parties.

We all know the internet can be a big scary place, right? Viruses, malware, and all sorts of other nasty stuff that can infect our computers and make our lives miserable if we’re not paying attention. But do you know the difference between a virus and malware? Would you recognise a botnet if you saw one? Join us as we explore these evil creations, and offer some simple advice to stay safe.

This week in the Podcast:

01:30 – Google’s balloon-based internet
03:10 – Fitbit
04:00 – Microsoft Band
07:40 – What is a virus?
11:00 – What is a malware?
14:05 – Botnet
15:00 – CryptoLocker and CryptoWall
18:30 – How can we protect ourselves?
19:40 – Antivirus software
20:40 – Email security
22:59 – Virus removal
25:53 – Prevention

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