012 – Case Study: Microsoft Office 365 Email Migration

Hosting your corporate email in ‘The Cloud’ is pretty common these days, but that certainly doesn’t mean that everyone’s doing it. In fact migrating email to the cloud, particularly to the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online platform is probably the most common type of migration that we’ve seen throughout 2014, and expect to see throughout 2015. Despite being a technical complex process, it is a well trodden path, so with the right planning and technical guidance, it can be a smooth process with little or no downtime to worry about. Join us in this episode as we step through a real world case study of migrating a business email system to Office 365.

This week in the Podcast:

00:50 – Microsoft Certification
01:25 – Five-year-old boy passes Microsoft Test
02:05 – Migrating a business email system to Office 365.
07:35 – How much detail regarding existing setup needs to be known.
09:08 – Technical specifics of the project.
13:30 – Planning the migration process.
16:25 – The benefits on the client’s business after the migration.

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