013 – Tools We Use: Hipchat & GoToAssist

We’re all about real world actionable content here at TSBTS, so thought we might share a little insight on two of the tools that we use within our own businesses. HipChat and GoToAssist are integral to our daily operations to keep internal team communications open, and access remote systems. Like to learn more about how these tools could help your business? Then listen up.

This week in the Podcast:

01:05 – HipChat
03:20 – Downsides of using email for group collaboration.
05:15 – Features of HipChat.
07:30 – Is HipChat easy to use?
09:00 – Benefits of using group chat tools.
12:44 – GoToAssist
14:00 – Benefits of using GoToAssist.
16:00 – Use-case scenarios for using tools like GoToAssist.

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