017 – CRM Software – what it is and why you need it

Are you making the most of your sales and marketing opportunities? Can you track your successes and failures? A great CRM package can help you propel your sales process into another level. In this episode, we discuss what a CRM package is and how to choose one.

This week in the Podcast:

00:58 – Digit IT achieves Microsoft Silver Competency
02:55 – Shout outs
04:26 – Bank of Queensland abandons CRM project with Salesforce
04:50 – What is a CRM system?
06:15 – Kinds of information to track about a contact
09:50 – Standard features to look for in a CRM package
11:52 – Line-of-business applications
14:18 – CRM software vendors
16:18 – How to start implementing CRM
18:56 – Things  to consider when choosing a CRM

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