018 – Interview with Aimee Engelmann on Business Process Outsourcing and the power of Virtual Assistants (VA’s)

Aimee Engelmann is the founder of Beepo, specialising in helping Australian companies build their remote teams in the Philippines. Listen in as we talk with Aimee about the high-speed evolution of Beepo, and how a remote team can help you grow your business.

This week in the Podcast:

01:45 – Aimee’s introduction
03:25 – About Beepo
05:00 – How Beepo got started
06:37 – How often Aimee travels to the  Philippines
07:07 – Where Beepo clients come from
09:00 – What’s unique about Beepo?
11:05 – How technology is working within Beepo
14:04 – What they use as CRM, Cloud PBX system, Accounting Package
16:40 – Aimee’s mobility devices
18:00 – Keeping the team up-to-date
24:30 – Aimee’s favorite tech at the moment

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