019 – The importance of personal branding with Toby Jenkins

Do you ever look at mega successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and wonder how they do it? Personal branding is a big part of their success. Listen in as we chat with Toby Jenkins about what personal branding is, why it’s important, and how to get started with your own personal brand.

In this episode:

01:40 – Who is Toby Jenkins?
02:22 – What is Personal Branding?
02:40 – Richard Branson’s personal brand
03:20 – Importance of personal branding
06:10 – How to build a personal brand
08:45 – Setting up a LinkedIn profile
10:48 – How to get most out of LinkedIn
12:20 – LinkedIn Groups
14:50 – Writing articles on LinkedIn
16:20 – Tips on writing articles
21:10 – Where to publish articles
23:35 – Using HARO and Source Bottle
26:06 – Connecting with people in person

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