020 – Free Tech Stuff for Nonprofits

Are you involved with a Nonprofit organisation in Australia? Did you know that some of the worlds largest tech companies such as Microsoft and Adobe donate many thousands of dollars worth of their products to organisations just like yours every year?

If you’re not already taking advantage of this free or heavily discounted technology, then my question to you is – WHY NOT! This is the same stuff that massive multinationals run on, and you can access it for free. Products such as Microsoft Office and Office 365 are yours for the taking, so listen up to this episode as we explore some ideas for you and your Nonprofit organisation.

In this episode: 

02:40 – Microsoft rebrands Lync as ‘Skype for Business’
04:50 – New features/changes in Skype for Business
06:05 – Tech for not-for-profit organizations
07:15 – Office 365 plans for nonprofits
09:50 – Connecting Up’s Discount program
13:00 – Eligibility criteria for nonprofits
15:10 – Example of qualified nonprofits
16:20 – How to take advantage of the free tech stuff

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