021 – Three big things that SharePoint IS NOT

Despite existing for many years now, Microsoft SharePoint continues to be a consistently misunderstood product by those who aren’t already using it. Is SharePoint a website? Well, sort of. Is it a document management system. Well, sure, it does that. I could go on and on with things that SharePoint CAN do, but instead let’s flip that around and touch on three big things that SharePoint IS NOT.

In this episode: 

01:35 – Prayer bell
04:00 – SharePoint
04:50 – SharePoint is not just a website
06:20 – Using SharePoint to build a public facing website
08:30 – SharePoint is not simply a replacement for a file server
12:00 – OneDrive for Business is not the same as DropBox, Box or Google Drive
16:44 – OneDrive for Business’ synchronization issues
19:50 – How to make SharePoint work for you

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