024 – How to remotely access your network

Have you ever had to rush into your office on a day off to complete a document or task for a client? Would the ability to access your office network remotely have saved you a trip and your precious family time? Today’s episode talks about how you can do just that.

Firstly, we recap on our involvement in an event at Arnott’s Family Fun Day with Justice Crew and Camp Quality. You can read here for more information on the day.

Office 2016 is officially available to download. You may be asking what the difference is in the recent upgrade. Our favourite feature of the upgrade is the ability to collaborate on a Word Document directly from the application on your desktop.

Microsoft has begun migrating Office 365 customers to its data centres in Australia. There was a huge debate over this because there were legal concerns with data being stored in other countries other than Australia. Another benefit in the migration is that SharePoint is performing notably better than it was previously.

Today we are also using Periscope. Never heard of it? Not many people have but, it is changing the way we are able to communicate, particularly interesting for Business to Business communication. Periscope is a live video streaming service over the internet. You can download the app on your smart device and live stream your meetings, conferences and seminars, with your colleagues and even anyone in the world, in real time.

Some news channels are using it for behind the scene footage of live events and it’s an interesting way in which technology is enabling the world’s communication. It’s unlike YouTube in the sense that once a video is “posted” it’s there forever. The video will only last 24 hours, but plays in real time. Very cool stuff.


How-to remotely access your network.


  • The traditional 9 to 5 work day rarely exists anymore. We work when we get home, have sick kids, or just enjoying working from the local coffee shop.
  • A lot of business applications are not cloud services and are not available via the internet so hence the need to remotely access the network
  • There may be shared resources that you need to work on with your colleagues.


There are 3 different ways to remotely access your network

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN):
  • Connects to the network using a piece of software
  • Strong, secure and reliable
  • Downside is that some applications may not support a VPN and will crash
  1. Remote Desktop Services:
  • This is a server dedicated to remote accessing
  • Otherwise known as a Terminal server or Cytrix, etc.
  1. Applications:

Learn more about remotely accessing your network here

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