026 – Christmas Gadget Gift Guide for Geeks

In this episode we let you in on some (not so) secret tech gadgets that you never even knew you wanted.

Tile – Never Lose Your Keys, Wallet Or Anything Again

  • App on your phone so you can find things
  • Never lose anything
  • Audible alarms
  • Nice design
  • Tile can find your phone as well
  • Perfect for travelling

Philips Hue Lux

  • You can make it look like someone is home when you go away on holidays by controlling your lights remotely from your phone
  • $80 a light bulb
  • Hue Bridge controls groups all individual lights so you can control all at once
  • Put your lights on a timer

Logitech Harmony Elite

  • Universal remote
  • Programmable for anything that has an existing remote (TV, Xbox, DVD, Blu Ray, etc)
  • Perfect for extensive home entertainment systems.
  • Smart phone integration


  • A streaming service over the internet
  • Available built-in to a television or available to buy as a separate dongle with HDMI connectivity.
  • Choose hwhat you want to watch and how much to spend.
  • Hundreds of free channels

Fitbit Surge™ Fitness Super Watch

  • GPS Tracking
  • Wirelessly syncs to your phone
  • Monitors Heart Rate
  • Long Battery Life
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Notifications and Music from your phone.

Portable Power Charges

  • Battery that fits in your bag
  • Charges your phone on the go
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Can jump start a car!


  • DIY Gaming set up kit
  • RetroPie Project started with the idea of turning the Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming console

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