Ep30: Rising NBN Complaints, Rising Bots and Rising Payment Options.

Rising NBN complaints

An annual report by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman shows that there has been a 147.8% increase in NBN complaints in the past year and as well as general complaints rising to the highest in 5 years at 22%.

The main issues include faults and delays in connections and once they’ve been connected slow data speeds, unusable service and drop-outs.

Rise of the Bots

We’re talking about the automated interaction that one person may have with an automated system rather than person-to-person interaction.

Behind the scenes with the big guns like Facebook are using Artifical Intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning.

Chat functions are becoming really big in enterprises to communicate within the organisation or even with potential and existing customers.  Automated systems are trained to be able to answer frequently asked questions.

However, it’s no longer just for the deep pockets of large enterprises, all businesses can use this technology.

Microsoft is releasing bots as part of their Azure services for people to use in their business.

If you want to explore more of this for your business, you can go to chatbots.org to download and configure yourself to your business’ needs. Some are free and some cost a bit of money. You can train the bot in a natural and intuitive way so it can respond to common questions your clients may have.

Be sure to use it as additional communication methods with your customers. Make sure you offer them an option to talk to a real person to avoiding building a wall between you and your clients.

Rising Payment Options

Up until now Apple Pay would only work with ANZ’s banking system. Apple Pay lets you use your iPhone to pay for goods or services by simply tapping like you would a credit card.

The big banks (apart from ANZ) are in discussions with Apple regarding this process. They want to have control over their apps for security reasons, but Apple has it’s own security and negotiations are at a stand still.

Smaller banks such as Australian Unity have signed on with Apple Pay, now we just have to wait for the big banks to come to an agreement with Apple.

If you don’t have an iPhone, Android have a similar solution.

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