Ep32: Gadgets to get you through Summer

1. UE Roll 2

Wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speakers for the outdoor adventurous type!

Can be immersed in water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes. Attached it to your bike, bag or your board and take it with you everywhere you go.



2. Watershot Pro

Ever wanted to buy an underwater camera to capture the fun on your family holidays, but just can’t afford to spend a heap on a brand new camera? Or you just don’t want to risk getting your phone wet? Then the Watershot Pro is for you. It’s an underwater housing for your iPhone so you can take photos underwater. Take it swimming, kayaking, or surfing!



 3. ZeroLemon Solar charger

Charge your phone using natural resources, perfect for camping trips. Universal device that you can use across any smart phone device. Hang it up on the side of your tent during the day and charge your phone at night!




4. Grillbot

Remember the Roomba? The robot that goes around vacuuming your floors so you don’t have to. Now think Roomba for the BBQ. That’s right. If you’re someone who loves to host a few summer BBQ’s then the Grillbot is your new best friend. Set it on a 30 minute cycle and watch it clean your BBQ while you enjoy your afternoon.




5. Blink Home Security

These are little battery powered cameras that you set up around your house and stream HD video to the Blink App on your phone. The batteries last up to 2 years. Great option to get some peace of mind while you’re on holidays.



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