023 – Windows 10 – Why you should think before upgrading

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system and it is certainly generating lots of buzz. With plenty of exciting new features and a new clean interface it is enticing. Join us as Ben and I discuss the benefits and pitfalls of upgrading and the effect it may have on your business. If you have been thinking about upgrading be sure to listen now

In this episode: 

01:28 – Justice Crew performing at Camp Quality Arnott’s Family Fun Day
06:19 – Windows 10
10:09 – Microsoft will no longer explain most Windows 10 updates
12:25 – Windows 10 will be free to Windows 7 and 8 users
15:11 – Windows 10 features
20:18 – Cortana
23:14 – Cortana vs Siri
24:19 – Digital assistants
26:05 – To upgrade or not to upgrade to Windows 10
29:30 – Windows 10 case study
32:20 – Upgrading to Windows 10

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