029 – This week in tech

We took a little time off and now we’re back! The world of tech has changed a bit in the last 8 months and today we’re talking about the big things happening this week.

  1. The exploding phone

We need to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. One of the worlds biggest electronics manufacturer and their extremely popular line of phones has been in the news this week. There is something very wrong with the batteries which is causing the phone to blow up. They were initially recalled and customers were given brand new ones (which is not an uncommon process for companies to do, albeit very expensive), but now the new ones have been reported to be blowing up as well. This can be potentially very dangerous and airlines have even put a complete ban on any Galaxy Note 7’s aboard any flights.

  1. Cyber security

We’ve been seeing a lot of cyber attack news in the tech world lately and now the Australian Government looking at making it mandatory for businesses of a certain size (approx $3M turnover) to report any cyber attack and potential exploit of customer data. It is rumored that there will be extensive fines if a company do not report the Government.

We recommend looking into Cyber Insurance to protect your business. For more information click here.

  1. Facebook at Work

Facebook have been trialing something for a while now called Workplace. It’s completely separate from Facebook (a separate app) but it uses the same format as Facebook. It’s for internal use within your business with group discussion, a personalised News Feed, voice and video calling, and chat functions. We’re pretty excited to see this take off.

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